The News Got It All Wrong!

Rio was amazing! Thanks for all the prayers and support. I was able to see the beauty of Rio, support our athletes and gain appreciation for what I do and the people around me. What was more amazing to me is this: WE DIDN’T SEE A SINGLE MOSQUITO WHILE WE WERE THERE. Not ONE! It is winter there! The people aren’t concerned about Zika in Brazil. It’s a non- issue. Also, the beaches were packed, the water was beautiful, the swimming was great, we had drinking water everywhere we went, it was safe and it was clean! Yet, I’ve been off the plane for 24 hours now and what’s all over the news? Zika! Stop letting fear run your life (media drives fear)! You know what Brazilians ARE concerned about? Not fear, but CORRUPTION. You know what Americans should be concerned about right now? CORRUPTION IN OUR MEDIA. The thing about Zika is that it has been around for 60-70 years. It does NOT cause microcephaly! Rio pesticidePoisons do! If you look at the research, many women in Brazil have had Zika with no birth defects. What was alarming though was the astronomical amounts of pesticides being sprayed while we were there! Environmental pollution and toxic pesticide exposure have been positively linked to a wide array of adverse health effects, including birth defects like microcephaly. While time at the Olympic training center with the USA Wrestling Team the pesticide fumes were overwhelming! Can you imagine living there every day being exposed to these toxins known to cause diseases! What melted my heart is that there are millions of Americans being told that same lie about Health Care and the drugs they use to treat preventable diseases that are 100% of time a toxin to the body! That’s why Maximized Living exist, that’s why God put me in this town to share the truth and save the lives of innocent people being told this lie about their health every day. I want to challenge each one of you for the next two weeks to go out of your comfort zone and reach out to someone who needs to know this truth and invite them to my Community Dinner on September 14th, 6:30pm at Maudies Tex Mex here in Bee Cave. I have personally seen 100’s of lives changed AND transformed by being at this dinner because of people like you inviting them. Join me on this mission to share truth’s and wisdom to those in our community! Register at


Dr. Lewis